Advisory Services

Innovative Solutions for Unique Business Challenges

I take pride in providing world-class global logistics consulting and advisory services to small and medium size businesses across various industries. My advisory service offerings encompass a wide range of areas within the global logistics industry, allowing me to tailor solutions to meet your unique business needs. Whether you are looking to establish an efficient global logistics network or seeking to revamp your supply chain strategy, I have the right expertise to guide you every step of the way.

Key Advisory Offerings

Strategy Development

I'll closely collaborate with your team to assess your current supply chain, identify improvement areas, and craft a comprehensive strategy in line with your business objectives. Together, we'll optimize your supply chain, boost visibility, cut costs, and enhance overall operational efficiency. My logistics strategy services cater to your organization's unique needs and challenges, involving close collaboration to comprehend your business goals, existing logistics processes, and future expansion plans. Drawing on industry expertise and best practices, I'll create a tailored strategy to align with your goals and enhance your competitive edge.

Network Optimization

I'll conduct a comprehensive assessment of your logistics processes, pinpointing bottlenecks and proposing innovative solutions to enhance operational efficiency. I will guide you in implementing best practices and incorporating advanced technologies, fostering improved collaboration with suppliers and partners, leading to significant cost savings and heightened customer satisfaction. Leveraging my extensive 30+ years of expertise, I'll empower your business to proactively identify potential risks and minimize the impact of unforeseen events.


In my role as a global logistics consultant, I extend a range of procurement services aimed at refining supply chain efficiency. This includes overseeing RFI and RFP processes, selecting logistics service providers, negotiating contracts, and ongoing management. Collaborating intimately with clients, I discern their specific needs to pinpoint effective strategies and suitable providers. I work diligently to secure advantageous terms, encompassing pricing and service level agreements, with the overarching goal of creating preferable agreements and fostering enduring relationships with logistics providers.

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